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If you are looking for help to navigate a time of change or transition in your career, please review the career options available through our career portal.  Here you will find multiple ways to search for resources to help advance your career.  

To understand where you can go, first use the Search Tool below to take a look through the job openings for companies, organizations and agencies in Athens-Clarke County.  Here you can search and filter through thousands of jobs in Athens-Clarke County.  Then, consult over a hundred Career Pathway workforce resources to help you navigate your path for a brilliant career.

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Gustavo Rodriguez-Zaccaro, SHRM-CP

Gustavo Rodriguez-Zaccaro, SHRM-CP

Workforce Development Coordinator

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Career Portal & Pathways Questions

Do you have any questions about our job search tool or our career pathways? If so, please reach out to our Workforce Development Coordinator, Gustavo Rodriguez-Zaccaro. We look forward to hearing from you.